Hillary Haters Get Savaged

I rarely agree with Dan Savage on anything. But, his advice to LGBT anti-Hillary whiners makes sense. I am actually becoming annoyed with the Hillary bashing I am seeing on social media everyday. Come on, folks – we have a lot to lose if a Republican wins in November:

In a column on The Stranger, Savage implored the LGBT community and progressives to take “mother*cking yes for a mother*cking answer” instead of griping about the past.

The Democratic presidential candidate said she opposed same-sex marriage while running for president in 2008, but expressed support for same-sex civil unions starting in 2000. Clinton finally “evolved” on the issue in 2013, when she announced her full support for legalizing same-sex marriage — about a year after President Barack Obama made a similar announcement.

Savage said that he was “in the tank” for both Clinton and her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders. “You could say I’m bitankual: In both tanks at once.”

“I’m for Hillary — or Bernie or both Hillary and Bernie (or Bernie and Hillary) — and I disagreed with her on marriage equality then… but I am capable of taking yes for a mother*cking answer now,” he wrote.

Savage acknowledged Clinton made some “noxious” remarks about same-sex marriage in the past — but he said things needed to be put in perspective. Her comments were “similar to the rather noxious comments made by most Dems at the time, including Barack Obama (who said the exact same sh*t, in fewer words),” he wrote.

In some ways, a number of Bernie supporters remind me of Donald Trump's minions. They tend to use words like “revolution” when posting about Sanders. I like Bernie's ideology, but I don't think it will win in November. I tend to be pretty pragmatic and worried about the SCOTUS seats that will open up over the next 4 to 8 years – aren't you?

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