Dan Savage: Trump Is ‘Enemy of the LGBT Community’ Pretending to Be Our Friend

Originally published on Mediaite: Dan Savage appeared with Chris Hayes last night to discuss Donald Trump‘s recent attempts to frame himself as a bigger friend of the LGBT community than Hillary Clinton. Why would this be the case? Because, as Trump argues, he’s more committed to fighting radical Islamists, who want to kill gays, than she... Continue Reading →

Dan Savage Compares Hillary & Trump On Gay Issues

(Video still via CBS) Dan Savage made a lively appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, on which he summed up how Trump and Hillary would be as presidents when it comes to queer issues. On Trump: I think Trump is a dangerous demagogue and a racist, and will be bad for queer people... Continue Reading →

Hillary Haters Get Savaged

I rarely agree with Dan Savage on anything. But, his advice to LGBT anti-Hillary whiners makes sense. I am actually becoming annoyed with the Hillary bashing I am seeing on social media everyday. Come on, folks - we have a lot to lose if a Republican wins in November:In a column on The Stranger, Savage... Continue Reading →

Watch: ‘The Real O’Neals’ Looks Like A Winner

The upcoming ABC comedy of which gay activist Dan Savage is an executive producer has released its trailer and it looks promising. Initially focused on Savage's life, the show will follow the life of a gay youth in a family of Catholics. Watch below... http://youtu.be/5FDEW9qoZ6A Posted with Blogsy

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