RIP: The Pulse Massacre Was One Year Ago Today

It is difficult to believe that Pulse happened a year ago in a year where so much has happened.  After 49 lives were taken and countless others were injured (physically and mentally), we moved onto other topics - including the trauma of the 2016 election, more mass murders and terrorist attacks, and general nonsense that... Continue Reading →

Anti-LGBT Crackdown: 141 Men Arrested in Gay Sauna in Indonesia

Ten people, including the sauna's owner, several staff members, a gym trainer, receptionist and a security guard have been charged, while others were being questioned, police said.

Groundswell Announces Fund to Support Grassroots Organizing Led By Women of Color and Transgender People of Color

I wanted to give you all a heads up on an exciting new fund from Groundswell, the nation's largest reproductive justice funder, set to support the leadership of women of color and trans folks of color across reproductive healthcare areas. The idea is to support the two groups that bear the greatest burden of white... Continue Reading →

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