Yesterday was my third wedding anniversary. Missing my husband this weekend.

One of the most horrible nightmares happened to me with a pandemic thrown in for good measure. Happy Anniversary, love.

Can’t 2016 Just Fucking End?

With the news of George Michael's death this weekend and now the loss of Carrie Fisher, can't we just skip the next 4 days and get the fuck out of 2016? Mercury must be in retrograde or something as we've lost many musical and cultural icons this year. Personally, I have just spent the past... Continue Reading →

Review: “This Book Is Gay” Is A Terrific Resource for All Things LGBTQ

This Book is Gay is one of The Guardian's Best Books of the Year. Author Patrick Ness: "The book every LGBT person would have killed for as a teenager, told in the voice of a wise best friend. Frank, warm, funny, USEFUL" When I came out in the early 2000s (yes, I was already in... Continue Reading →

Why ‘Glee’ Mattered

While I haven't watched since the first three seasons, 'Glee' officially ends its run tonight. After six seasons, the show says good-bye in a special two-hour event. When the show first premiered, it changed television. The format was fresh and the talent strong - I could even stand Lea Michele back then. We found Finn foxy... Continue Reading →

‘Looking’s’ Russell Tovey Just Blew It (Not In A Good Way)

'Looking' heart throb Russell Tovey is stirring controversy in the LGBT community with comments he made recently around his not becoming an 'effeminate' gay. Via Fusion: Russell Tovey is an actor who happens to be gay, stars in series about gay men, and has been a victim of a knife attack because he says he... Continue Reading →

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