Orlando: What Can We Say, Do?

I've been watching and reading the coverage about the tragedy at Pulse in Orlando. Like all of us, it hit hard and I am angry. Angry that anyone can easily obtain an assault rifle. Angry that many talking heads won't mention "LGBT" in their commentary on the killings. Angry that I have told many younger... Continue Reading →

Gay Guys Are Having More Open Relationships Than Ever

I am in my third open relationship and it works. Trust and communication make it work. There’s never been a better time to be alive, queer, and horny! First there was that study showing that people are growing far more likely than ever to have same-sex sexual encounters, and to identify as bisexual. Now there’s another... Continue Reading →

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Reaches Threshold to Clinch Democratic Nomination: Reports

Done deal. Let's unify and kick this Trump asshole's ass. Associated Press, NBC News Report Hillary Clinton Will Be the Democratic Nominee   Change the conversation, change the world Share this The Associated Press at 8:20 PM EDT Monday reports that Hillary Clinton has gained the required number of delegates to become the Democratic nominee... Continue Reading →

Summer Sexy Celebrity Bods

We all know that summer is here and are getting our kicks playing in pools, on beaches, and at concerts. It appears that these celebrities spent time over the weekend frolicking on a  beach near you. You're welcome. Austin Mahone (more at VJBrendan) Graham Rogers (more at VJBrendan) Josh Henderson (more at VJBrendan) Kyle DiMarco... Continue Reading →

Watch: What Happens When Two Men Fall in Love…in Iraq?

This documentary looks fascinating. Via OUT: Nayyef Hrebid, an Iraqi soldier, and Btoo Allami, a translator for U.S. militia, saw each other and immediately knew they needed to be together. However, two openly gay in Iraq spells almost certainly spells doom. Hrebid told a Seattle news station, "It’s losing your life. You get shame to... Continue Reading →

Spanish Water Polo Player Comes Out Before 2016 Summer Olympics

Spanish water polo player Victor Gutierrez has come out as gay, ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio during an interview with Shangay magazine. "My family knows I'm gay, my friends too," he tells the publication. "And I'm living in such a positive way with my sexuality that I felt a responsibility to share... Continue Reading →

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