Watch: What Happens When Two Men Fall in Love…in Iraq?

This documentary looks fascinating. Via OUT:

Nayyef Hrebid, an Iraqi soldier, and Btoo Allami, a translator for U.S. militia, saw each other and immediately knew they needed to be together. However, two openly gay in Iraq spells almost certainly spells doom.

Hrebid told a Seattle news station, “It’s losing your life. You get shame to the family. You lose your family, and you lose your friends, you lose everything, almost.”

When Hrebid obtained a visa to escape to the U.S., he had to leave his lover behind, determined that their paths and lives could converege in the future.

Out of Iraq is directed by Oscar-winner Eva Orner.

Check out the trailer below:

Out of Iraq premieres June 13 at 9/8c on Logo.






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