America’s Leading Anti-LGBT Group “Will Work With President Trump” To Reverse All LGBT Rights

Holy crap. All these anti-LGBT groups feel empowered with Trump's win and they are coming out of the woodwork in droves. This will be a LONG 4 years. Via Gaily Grind: America’s Leading Anti-LGBT Group “Will Work With President Trump” To Reverse All LGBT Rights Emboldened by Trump’s stunning victory on Tuesday, The National Organization... Continue Reading →

Should Facebook recognize three-way marriages and relationships?

A petition calling for Facebook to recognize three-way relationships has already garnered 2,500 signatures. What do you think about this change? from LGBTQ Nation via IFTTT

BREAKING: Georgia Governor Says He Will Veto Anti-Gay ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill

Dozens of Major Corporations Urged Nathan Deal to Not Make Discriminatory Bill Law from Home - The New Civil Rights Movement In related news, the Georgia State Assembly is calling a special session to override the Governor's veto. via IFTTT

Study: People who oppose same-sex marriage can’t stop imagining gay sex scenarios

  They fear the sexual promiscuity perceived in LGBTQs will shake the foundation of their own marriages. from LGBTQ Nation via IFTTT

Hillary Haters Get Savaged

I rarely agree with Dan Savage on anything. But, his advice to LGBT anti-Hillary whiners makes sense. I am actually becoming annoyed with the Hillary bashing I am seeing on social media everyday. Come on, folks - we have a lot to lose if a Republican wins in November:In a column on The Stranger, Savage... Continue Reading →

2015: The Year That Changed the World for LGBT People

Watch the 13 milestones that changed the world for LGBT people in 2015 and news coverage that illustrates 6 reasons why our battle isn’t over. From marriage equality to an end on the military ban on transgender people, 2015 will be remembered as a landmark year for the LGBT civil rights movement, but learn why... Continue Reading →

The Billboard Kim Davis Will See Tomorrow When She Returns to Work

Via Mediaite: Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis is expected to return to work tomorrow, but before then, the group Planting Peace paid for a billboard in her county to send her a message. The purpose of the billboard, put up by Planting Peace, is to push back against the argument made by Davis and other... Continue Reading →

Kim Davis Court Ordered To Issue Marriage Licenses, Refuses

Kim Davis court ordered to issue marriage licenses, refuses, continues digging legal hole: Yesterday, U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning ordered Rowan County clerk Kim Davis to begin issuing marriage licenses or risk setting a “dangerous precedent.” As he wrote: Our form of government will not survive unless we, as a society, agree to respect... Continue Reading →

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