Watch: My Experience at Burning Man 2015

This past Burning Man marked my 12th trip to the Playa since my first Burn in 1995. While many question whether or not the event has become commercialized (it hasn't) or if the philosophy of the culture no long journeys out into the default world (it does), I still get as much (if not more)... Continue Reading →

Watch: Burning Man 2015 – Carnival of Mirrors

I am back from my 12th Burning Man, and after the most dusty and extreme weather-laden Burn I've been to, it was certainly one of my best. In case you do not know about Burning Man, it is a 30-year-old festival deep in the Black Rock Desert of Northern Nevada that encourages radical self-reliance, reflection... Continue Reading →

Someone Is Writing a Burning Man Musical

Hopefully the tickets won't be $800. Yes, a Burner virgin has plans to write and produce a musical based on the insanity: The musical is the brainchild of Matt Werner, a 30-year-old New York City-based Google employee who has never been to Burning Man. This year will be his first. Matt Werner, 30, of New... Continue Reading →

Burning Man 2015: Don’t Forget Your Tickets from the Boys @Comfort_and_Joy

I scored one through the directed camp sale earlier this week, but getting your hands on tickets for Burning Man can be more difficult than getting your virginity back (and who would want to do that??). The lovely boys at Comfort and Joy bring us the ultimate ticket-buying guide for the event: Oh snap! Just... Continue Reading →

Watch Out Burning Man 2015 – Here Comes Pumkin

Pumkin is my playa name. And, it will once again serve as my Burning Man name when I return to Black Rock City later this year. I was fortunate enough to score a ticket to the event in today's Direct Group ticket sale. As one of the many leaders of Mudskipper's Urban Decay Cafe, I... Continue Reading →

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