Watch: My Experience at Burning Man 2015

This past Burning Man marked my 12th trip to the Playa since my first Burn in 1995. While many question whether or not the event has become commercialized (it hasn’t) or if the philosophy of the culture no long journeys out into the default world (it does), I still get as much (if not more) out of the event every year that I go.

Yes, people do get naked. Many of the guys in our camp rode in the naked bike ride pub crawl this year and I have to say I enjoyed the sights. Yes, some people do drugs – because sometimes it’s fun to spend a night with Molly (I love that girl).

I help run a camp called Mudskipper’s Urban Decay Cafe where we run a daily smoothie cafe, portrait studio, nail salon and as a group had a kick-ass Burn in 2015. I compiled some of the highlights in the video below. I think you will especially enjoy the video from our “Crack is Whack: Whitney Houston Tribute Party.” It was Mudskipper’s third year of hosting the party and it remains successful as ever.

Watch below and contact me with any questions or fun stories about the event.


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