Burning Man

What to Pack for Burning Man: A Comprehensive List

A great overview as to what you should bring to the Playa – especially if you are a virgin burner!

Tremendous Times

What Should I Pack for Burning Man?

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m more than a little excited about Burning Man. Like, really excited. Burning Man is an indescribable experience, and I’m lucky enough to be able to attend once again this year (!!!). I can’t wait to go home, and I’m already thinking up how to best prepare for it.

Last year, I had readers message me about what they should pack for the Burn, and it made me want to put together a reliable Burning Man packing list this year (you can find it here: Burning Man Packing List). But Burning Man happens at the end of August and it’s only March, you say? Well, you should start preparing now, especially if it’s your first time, because:

* You’ll have to invest in some equipment that is specifically Playa-only, since it will get dusty and never become completely…

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