Watch: Here’s Some Solid Advice for Young Gays

The video below offers some good advice from older gay men to younger ones. Having just turned 50, the top advice I’d offer would be the following (and I didn’t see any of these in the video):

1. Don’t date people who look like you – take a chance on a “type” you haven’t considered. The outcome may be worth it.

2. Have some close, hetero best friends – I didn’t come out until I was 35 – as a result, I have many close friends in the straight world who mean the world to me. They also have stepped up onto the gay rights bandwagon which can only help our cause.

3. On the same theme, have some gay friends who are 15 – 30 years older than you – much of our LGBT history is not documented very well. The oral histories from earlier generations who have paved the way for who we all are today is worth participating in. Someday, you will be 50+ and when we are dead and buried, you will be the next “wise” disciple for younger generations.

4. Meet friends and lovers outside of Grindr, Scruff, etc. – No need for a comment here.

5. And a fun one, ditch Abercrombie and Fitch clothing. That goes for ALL ages.



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