Watch: ‘When We Rise’ Trailer with Whoopi and Rosie

Cleve Jones' new memoir about the LGBTQ rights movement is now available, and ABC will premier its miniseries in February.

Stonewall to become US gay rights monument – Obama

Image copyright AP Image caption The Stonewall Inn, in the Greenwich Village area of New York, is seen as the birthplace of the US gay rights movement The Stonewall gay bar in New York, where a 1969 police raid led to riots and the birth of the gay rights movement, has been designated as a... Continue Reading →

Transgender History: The Amazing Life and Tragic End of Albert Cashier

An interesting tidbit from our trans history. Albert Cashier hid his identity to fight for the Union in the Civil War. Years later, however, his role in the war – and as a man – came under fire. The new documentary series "We've Been Around" looks at remarkable, often little-known stories of trans people who... Continue Reading →

The 2016 GLAAD Nominees Are Announced – But, There’s Controversy

GLAAD announced its 2016 nominees today. For 27 years, GLAAD has recognized media that has provided fair and inclusive representations of the LGBT community with its Media Awards. The advocacy organization just released the names being honored at his year’s festivities and it’s filled with expected and unexpected fare. But what is missing from the... Continue Reading →

Watch: Here’s Some Solid Advice for Young Gays

The video below offers some good advice from older gay men to younger ones. Having just turned 50, the top advice I'd offer would be the following (and I didn't see any of these in the video): 1. Don't date people who look like you - take a chance on a "type" you haven't considered.... Continue Reading →

Our Community is Boycotting ‘Stonewall’ Film

There is uproar about the upcoming 'Stonewall' film and its lack of representation of people of color, lack of drag queens, and others who helped LGBTs make strides during and following the Stonewall riots. Hollywood seems to have missed that point with its predominently whitewashed version of the historical events. Via Entertainment Weekly: Roland Emmerich’s... Continue Reading →

Watch (and Support) “Dragstrip 66: The Frockumentary!” DRAGSTRIP 66 opened its doors in Los Angeles in January 1993 (just as Bill Clinton was sworn in), and soon became the communal home to creative revelers who needed to celebrate life together again after 12 long years of right-wing politics and the shadow of the HIV/AIDS crisis. For two decades, it was the... Continue Reading →

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