Anti-Gay Nutcase: “Jesus would stone sodomites to death”

In a video posted online, shared by RightWingWatch, religious wing nut Theodore Shoebat deems that if alive today, Jesus would murder gays. I’ve written about this jackass before, and every new video he releases seems to surpass his previous one.

“When you have the sodomites coming out into the streets and the Christians come and beat them up,” Shoebat says, “the people who are beating up the sodomites don’t really get punished because the society is so conditioned that way.

“If there’s a law written in the hearts of the people, then the people who fighting this evil, physically, with their hands, fighting them, beating them up, those people are not going to get in trouble.”

Reflecting, he says: “We don’t have that in America.”

“Jesus Christ took up a whip and beat people up in his Father’s temple,” Shoebat goes on.

“Now imagine if sodomites were in his Father’s temple. Jesus would have killed them all. He wouldn’t just have hit them; Jesus got violent!”

Here’s the disgusting video:

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