Watch: Sexy Matthew Camp in “Sock Job” Trailer

Matthew Camp, one of the sexy leads you might have seen in 'Getting Go: The Go Doc Project,' is in a new film called 'Sock Job.' The film is, in essence, a comedy about masturbation. The trailer is actually a GIF of the first half of the film which unveils Matthew shirtless and wearing only his panties for most of it.


Sock Jobs’ website: ‘Sock Job is a screwball comedy about masturbation, directed by Mark Allen and starring Matthew Camp. “On a dark and stormy night in a secluded cabin in the woods, a young man faces challenges while trying to relieve his boredom.”‘

I don't know about you, but any chance to ogle at Camp (whether live, in a film, or a GIF) should not be wasted.

Enjoy the GIF here. Oh yea, he also has a line of fragrance (see first pic below).

And to refresh your memory, here is Matthew from his Instagram:


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