Anti-Gay Wingnuts Complain They Have No Place to Shop

Gay haters love to boycott businesses that provide equal rights, benefits, hiring and other perks to gays – all things that most people don’t need to think about.

Anti-gay groups such as One Million Moms love to initiate boycotts against companies who commit infringement on “religious liberties” and other actions – like support Gay Pride events, advertise with a gay couple, or promote tolerance and equality with employees and customers.

Two of the most rabid anti-LGBT activists, Linda Harvey and Peter LaBarbera, took time on Harvey’s radio show to commiserate about the lack of shopping options they have because of pro-LGBT businesses. You may recall that “Porno Pete” often attends Gay Pride and gay leather events with his camera to make his point about how nasty we all are:

On Saturday, Mission America’s Linda Harvey spoke with Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality about how she and other anti-gay activists are running out of places to shop because so many major businesses have announced their support for LGBT rights.

Harvey criticized the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index, which she called “a huge fascist scheme to reward homosexual, this immoral behavior, and I can’t imagine how many hundreds of thousands of stories there are out there that we never hear about of people in the workplace whose views are silenced and feel like they work in a concentration camp.”

“Well yes, that’s what political correctness does,” LaBarbera said. “It forces people to be victimized at work.”

You can listen to the stomach-turning audio via Linda Harvey: Pro-LGBT Companies Are Like ‘Concentration Camps’ | Right Wing Watch.

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