Reid Ewing Nonchalantly Comes Out on Twitter

Reid Ewing, best known for playing Haley’s dumb, pretty boyfriend Dylan on “Modern Family,” quietly came out as gay on Twitter just after publishing a first-person account of his experience with body dysmorphia and plastic surgery.

In the essay on HuffPo on Friday, Ewing wrote, “I genuinely believed if I had one procedure I would suddenly look like Brad Pitt.”

On Twitter, Ewing tweeted that Eugene Bata, who was profiled for his own body dysmorphia on ABC several years ago, was “hot af”:

As of now, poor Reid is getting pummeled with questions and offers from gays for…you know what:


To which Ewing responded:

The boy has had a busy day and amazed that the coverage of his sexuality has overtaken that of his BDD:

Welcome to the club, Reid.


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