Watch: Davey Wavey Intros New Underwear Line For ‘Every Body in the Universe’

Davey Wavey is one of those Internet personalities whom you either love or hate. In the case of his new underwear label DirtyFit, he has done something pretty cool – and launches the line with transgender and gender nonconforming models:

Gay YouTuber Davey Wavey has launched a new line of underwear for his label DirtyFit, the campaign for which is modeled exclusively by transgender and gender nonconforming models.

The Cosmic collection is designed to celebrate “every body in the universe.” Says Davey,

“As a creator and as an artist, my success has been built through the support of the queer/ LGBT community where certain body types get put in the spotlight a lot more than others. While this campaign doesn’t level the paying field, it celebrates many different members of our community. I would like to use my platform to share their stories and widen the conversation.”

In a video for the Cosmic collection, Dirtyfit’s models talk about their experience modeling underwear for the first time. One model says, “As a person who is bodied like I am, it’s empowering because it makes people see that there’s no one standard but a multitude that are all beautiful in their own way.”

As someone who is cisgender but have one of those bodies with which I have my ups and downs, it is a welcome sight to see more diversity out there in a white, abs-obsessed LGBT fashion world.

Watch the video:

via Davey Wavey’s New Underwear Line Features Trans and Gender Nonconforming Models: VIDEO – Towleroad.

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