These Three Gays Are In A Polyamorous Relationship and Plan to Have Kids


Living myself in an open relationship, I am all for us structuring what works in our own lives. And I am sure that multiple partners living in a relationship are faced with a different set of challenges than those of us in a traditional one. These boys seem to have figured it out.Via The Mirror:

Sebastian, 29, said: “We definitely see kids in our future. We would love to have three children altogether of our own genetics if possible and we have a plan on how we're going to make that happen.”We have really supportive family and friends around us who want to help us conceive.”Shayne has two sisters who have offered to carry our children for us and my sister will hopefully donate her eggs too.”Adam and Shayne met in 2009 and the pair got married two and a half years later.After a year of wedded life, they met Sebastian in a nightclub in September 2012 and immediately hit it off.

So, what are your thoughts? If you are in a polyamorous relationship, tell us about it!And check out a video on the three men via Meet the three men in a polyamorous relationship planning to start a family with their sisters' help – Mirror Online.

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