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Here’s A New Calendar With Sexy, Shirtless Firemen Holding a Dog (Woof!)

At the end of May, a pitbull was found with a taped muzzle in Charleston, NC. After recovery, Caitlyn (the pit bull) is now the subject of a sexy calendar featuring sexy firemen posing with the rescue.

Charleston Animal Society's Caroline Eller organized the calendar and took some of its especially memorable behind-the-scenes shots (below)

Eller says that on top of raising much-needed funds — medical care costs the Charleston Animal Society some $500,000 per year — she hopes that this calendar encourages folks to adopt their next pet.

“I'm a firm believer that an animal knows they have been rescued,” she says. “I hope these images show the true bond between a rescue and their rescuer.”

You can order the calendar here and check out the behind-the-scenes photos below.


Via Huffington Post


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