Charleston: My Head Is Exploding

I can’t even get my arms around what happened in Charleston, SC. Oh, wait. I can. It’s about black and white. There are no fuzzy areas. It’s a clear-cut case of…


If you watch Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh, you probably haven’t heard the word “race” or “racism” mentioned except as NOT the cause for Dylaan Roof’s shooting rampage. The regular chain of events happened once again: mass shooting; young white male arrested (or commits suicide); “Obama’s coming to get our guns!”; it’s a “false flag;” Roof was a pansy for the government.

You can almost set your clock by the predictability.

As we all mourn, here’s what is going on in the wing nut world:

EW Jackson: Charleston Shooting Result Of Anti-Christian Climate Created By Gays, Obama

Sandy Rios: Obama ‘Enjoyed’ Charleston Shooting

NRA Board Member Blames Murdered Reverend for Congregants’ Deaths

Mike Huckabee: Charleston Shooting Could’ve Been Prevented If Church Members Were Armed

Rick Perry: Charleston Shooting An ‘Accident’ Due To Drug Use, Manipulated By Obama To Ban Guns

Michael Savage: Maybe Charleston Shooter Was ‘Set Loose By The Government’

Conservatives shamelessly use Charleston shooting to claim religious persecution

I don’t even know what to say. Perhaps Jon Stewart said it best…

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