Are You Ready for The Comeback of ‘Queer As Folk’?

While many criticize the U.S. version of the groundbreaking ‘Queer as Folk,’ it was a show that proved essential in my own coming out. While in the closet (which I was until 2001), I would lock myself up with the TV and watch the only LGBTs I felt like I knew go through their lives one week at a time.

Now, it looks like the show could be returning to our streaming boxes to explore an entirely updated world of gay:

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, producers and life partners, Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman looked back on the struggles and successes of the show. They also pondered on a possible reboot of the iconic LGBT show:

“We’d be open to it, depending on the venue of a reboot,” Lipman said. “I think what would be interesting would be to explore our characters who are now in their 40s and bringing in a new generation and seeing how that mix would go.”

It’s fun to wonder what Brian, Michael, Justin, Teddy, and Emmett would be up to ten years later. With the introduction of Grindr and PrEP, there’s an entirely different social and political landscape to be explored in Queer as Folk: The Next Generation — Brian’s sure to have his hands full with a new batch of millennial twinks. Or will that be 30-year-old Justin’s game?

In the in-depth interview, the show’s creators looked back on the struggles of bringing a gay series to a heteronormative society, as well as the show’s notoriously explicit sex scenes.

What do you think about QAF coming back?

via ‘Queer as Folk’ Reunion: ‘We’re Open To It’ Say Show Creators | Out Magazine.

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  1. I would love it if the show came back! Of course it had its issues in terms of diverse representation and bi erasure, but for its time the show really did amazing things and it broke through a lot of cultural norms/silences around the gay community. Glad to find a fellow fan. (:

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