UK Bans Poppers: Bottoms’ Heads Explode

With all the other drug issues out there, I wonder why the UK government is banning bottoms. Maybe the sponsor is a brutal top?

As part of a sweeping update to UK drug policy, the British government has banned the sale of amyl nitrate, commonly known as “poppers,” with dealers facing up to seven years in prison.

Other so-called “legal highs”—including nitrous oxide and synthetic cannabis—have also been outlawed as part of the Psychoactive Substances Bill, announced on Friday.

Poppers, which expand blood vessels and loosen involuntary muscles, have long been used by gay men to facilitate anal sex. They have also become a popular party drug, as they offer a potent, though brief, sense of euphoria.

via England Bans Poppers As Part Of Broad Drug Policy Change.

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