Georgia Pastor: “Homosexuality is a death worthy crime”

Well, isn't this Christian?:

The pastor of a church in Milledgeville, Ga., recently changed the sign outside his church to read, “Homosexuality is a death worthy crime,” according to Georgia television station WGXA. The sign caused a stir in the neighborhood, but Robert Lee, the pastor of Ten Commandments Church, defended his sign and claimed he was quoting the Bible. “Homosexuality is an abomination, and the Bible says that homosexuality is a death worthy crime,” Lee told WGXA. Lee told WGXA that he hoped his sign would have an impact and said he would oppose a Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage. “The institution of marriage was instituted by God and it should not be changed by people who deserve not to live,” he said.

I'm not going to spend time arguing the other Levitacus verses that these wing nuts ignore, nor am I going to do anything more than share with my straight friends to share the pain. Many people outside our community do not go deep into LGBT news to see such hatred – and we need to continue reinforcing that even with a probable event of SCOTUS ruling state bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, the fight goes on.

This is all so wrong — and tiring.


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