SCOTUS Begins Oral Arguments On Same-sex Marriage Tomorrow

The Williams Institute via Joe.My.God has shared these interesting points as the Supreme Court begins to hear oral arguments for (and against) marriage equality tomorrow:

  • An estimated 390,000 same-sex couples are currently married in the United States. The number of married same-sex couples has tripled since 2013.
  • 77% of same-sex couples across the country are living in the 37 states and Washington, DC where they can now marry, and 72% of Americans are living in jurisdictions that allow marriage for same-sex couples.
  • There are approximately one million same-sex couples (married and unmarried) living together in the United States.
  • An estimated 122,000 same-sex couples are raising 210,000 children under age 18, of whom 58,000 are adopted or foster children.
  • Same-sex couples are nearly three times as likely as their different-sex counterparts to be raising an adopted or foster child. Married same-sex couples are five times more likely to have these children when compared to their married different-sex counterparts.
  • In Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee – the states specifically at issue in the cases before the Supreme Court – 19% (nearly 11,000) of the 56,000 same-sex couples are raising more than 18,000 children under 18 years old.
  • Public support for same-sex marriage has increased in all 50 states since 2004, especially in states that have legalized same-sex marriage.

The stats about gay parenting especially strike a chord. The anti-gays are anti-abortion but if they were able to all but eliminate a woman’s choice, they would not want LGBTs to adopt these unwanted children either.

What a fucked up strategy.


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