San Francisco: Castro-based Writer Releases New Gay-Erotic Thriller

If you are seeking a new gay-themed book, like thrillers, and adore go-go dancers, Matt Converse has written a book for you. Converse is a former go-go dancer at Nob Hill Theater and has taken his experiences into his novella, Behind the Velvet Curtain:

Converse describes himself as a horror writer. “I crossed over into the 'erotic thriller' genre because of the subject matter of this novella,” he explains. “Sex was a big part of the story, so it fell, naturally, into this category.”

Converse cites the diversity of San Francisco as among his influences.

“Straight, gay, bi, transgender, all different races and religions,” he tells Hoodline. “Since many of my works are set in San Francisco, it's a true reflection of the diversity here.”

And what does Converse want his readers to get from Behind the Velvet Curtain? “Just to be entertained,” he says. “Behind the Velvet Curtain is fun, sexy, with even some humor. I don't want to try to make it into something it's not. This is a fast, fun, erotic gay thriller.”

If the novella were ever to grace the silver screen, Converse envisions hunky gay actor Matt Bomer as Matt Jaxx, the hot young stripper who finds love even as he fends off unwanted advances from a twisted stalker. And who might direct? “I would only wish that Alfred Hitchcock was still around to direct it,” Converse tells us. “My dream director today would be someone like David Lynch, I think he'd be a good fit. The musical score would be Lady Gaga since the stripper only dances to her music. I mean, if I'm going to think big, I might as well go all the way, right?”

Read the rest at Hoodline.

The ebook is available at Amazon.




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