‘Looking’ Canceled: Looking for a New Gay Drama

Unsurprisingly, HBO canceled 'Looking,' a gay drama that ignited mixed feelings amongst the gays who watched (and wouldn't admit it). It looks as if HBO will air a “wrap-up” episode to tie up all the lose ends with Patrick and the gang who were all over San Francisco during the filming of the two episodes.

My friends have had mixed reactions. Of course, a number of queens bitched about the show the entire run; others liked how it treated “boring” gay life as more realistic than ever before; many are disppointed at its early demise.

I enjoyed watching the show as it featured many San Francisco landmarks in the gay community. There was a sense of realness to it. That, I will miss.

The cancellation begs the question if any gay-centric programming will succeed in the ratings?

What do you think?


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