Here are the States Hoping to Pass Damaging Anti-LGBT Legislation

Realizing that they have lost the fight against same-sex marriage, anti-gays have quickly moved to pass (or hoping to pass) major anti-LGBT legislation:

Advocates of same-sex marriage are getting closer to a full victory in the US: it’s now legal for gay and lesbian couples to marry in 37 states and Washington, DC. But while this progress occurs, state legislators are introducing bills that would claw back some recent legal gains for LGBT rights.

A new report by the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT rights organization, found that lawmakers in at least 26 states have proposed a wave of anti-LGBT bills.


It is likely that many of these laws will not pass muster, but it is scary to think what will happen in places that do pass this damaging legislation.

Let’s keep our eyes on this.

via How state legislators plan to limit LGBT rights next, in one map – Vox.

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  1. The photo for “illustration” is a little misleading, as the source captioning indicates: “An anti-gay rights activist disrupts an LGBT protest in Saint Petersburg. Photograph: Stringer / Reuters;” whereas, the content of the blog post is regarding US discriminatory laws. Maybe a bit incendiary, unnecessarily, but the point is well taken that polarization in the US requires some bridge building!

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