How The Religious Right Made Life More Difficult & Dangerous For World’s LGBT People In 2016

U.S.-based Religious Right groups have a long track record of collaborating with their counterparts in other countries to restrict women’s health choices and make life harder and more dangerous for LGBT people around the world. This year was an especially active one in this global human rights struggle. U.S. Religious Right leaders have clearly taken... Continue Reading →

The 12 Days Of Trumpmas: The Religious Right Urges Trump To Fulfill Its Bigoted Wish List

After jettisoning all of their rhetoric about public morality and personal character in order to help Donald Trump get elected, Religious Right activists are now hoping the president-elect fulfills the promises he made to the social conservative movement during his campaign. Trump, who received the support of around eight in ten white evangelical voters, spent months boasting... Continue Reading →

Republicans plan to reintroduce Anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bill supported by Trump

Republicans plan to reintroduce Anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bill supported by Trump Citing “momentum” from the November elections, Republicans are once against eyeing a bill that would allow corporations and individuals who object to same-sex marriage on religious grounds to deny goods or services to gay people, Buzzfeed News reports. Republicans originally filed the in 2015, but... Continue Reading →

Right-wing pundit wants Trump to axe funding for HIV prevention because it ‘enables sodomy’

Conservative pundit Linda Harvey has urged Trump’s new health secretary Tom Price to axe America’s HIV prevention schemes. Harvey, the founder of  anti-LGBT group Mission: America, made the extraordinary claim after hardline conservative Tom Price was appointed by Trump as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Writing for far-right news site WorldNetDaily, Harvey claimed: “A... Continue Reading →

TX Lawmaker Wants To Force Schools To Out LGBT Students To Parents

Teachers Would Face Discipline For Failing To Disclose Info About Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Texas tea party state Sen. Konni Burton (pictured with Sen. Ted Cruz) has filed legislation that would effectively require public school employees to out LGBT students to their parents. Under Burton's Senate Bill 242, teachers and other school employees who fail to... Continue Reading →

Theodore Shoebat Says Jesus Is ‘Going To Kill All These Sodomites’ When He Returns

Last week, extremist anti-gay activist Theodore Shoebat posted a video in which he gloated that when Jesus Christ returns, he'll slaughter every single gay person in the world. Shoebat, who last year was featured alongside several Republican members of Congress and GOP presidential candidates in an anti-gay "documentary," was using an incident in Australia where... Continue Reading →

Tyler Glenn’s Viral Video on Mormon LGBTQ Youth Suicide Asks: ‘How Many More?’

Tyler Glenn, lead vocalist of Neon Trees, posted a powerful video on his Facebook page where he addressed “members and leaders of the LDS [The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints] Church” and pleaded with church president Russel Nelson and other church leaders to not let this be “a summer of more gay suicides.” Glenn is... Continue Reading →

QUEENS: Outrage After Police Arrest Gay Man For Being “Momentarily” Nude On Popular Beach [VIDEO] Mic reports: LGBTQ New Yorkers celebrating July 4 at Jacob Riis Beach — long a safe haven for the city’s LGBTQ community — witnessed U.S. Park Police carry a naked gay man by his towel as he screamed “Help me!” on Monday evening. In a video obtained by Mic, a group of police officers... Continue Reading →

Couple at SF Pride Says Uber Driver Kicked Them Out (Video)

More hate: A couple celebrating Pride were dismayed when they say their Uber driver refused to drive them after the two men exchanged a quick kiss. The men allege things got even worse, reports ABC7, as the driver then hurled homophobic slurs at them. "It was a peck," explained Sumeet Chadha to the channel. "That's... Continue Reading →

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