Right-wing pundit wants Trump to axe funding for HIV prevention because it ‘enables sodomy’

Conservative pundit Linda Harvey has urged Trump’s new health secretary Tom Price to axe America’s HIV prevention schemes.

Harvey, the founder of  anti-LGBT group Mission: America, made the extraordinary claim after hardline conservative Tom Price was appointed by Trump as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Writing for far-right news site WorldNetDaily, Harvey claimed: “A nest of vipers lies in the CDC HIV/AIDS program. If we are going to drain the swamp, this is a great place to start.

“Many Americans have wept as sons, brothers and friends have perished from AIDS, and long for an Uncle Sam public health message that tells the truth: No male ever needs to engage in anal sex with another male, and we need to stop accommodating homosexual behaviour and ‘gay’ identity at the CDC.”

The writer added: “CDC has become largely ineffective on the HIV/AIDS issue related to homosexual behaviour, adopting shoot-itself-in-the-foot tactics of self-perpetuation.

“Will CDC continue to treat homosexual behaviour as a respectable identity instead of what it actually is – high-risk, unnecessary deviance that no one needs to engage in?”

She continued:”The deeply insidious lies… begin with the destructive notion that there are separately constructed humans like L, G, B or T. Or that children should adopt such identities and the bizarre, self-destructive sexual activities that accompany them.

“Such child-endangerment must be rooted out of the HHS, the sooner the better.”

The author added that she is “hopeful” that Mr Price will take an axe to HIV prevention programmes.

She said: “The CDC bureaucracy will continue to fund useless, sodomy-enabling local and state programs, unless grown-ups show up for work… like possibly Tom Price.”

Price has been a strong opponent of LGBT rights in Congress. He  is a co-sponsor of the First Amendment Defence Act, which would legalise discrimination against LGBT people on the grounds of religion.

He holds a zero rating on the Human Rights Campaign’s Congressional Scorecard on LGBT rights, opposing anti-discrimination protections.

When equal marriage became law, he fumed: “Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court serves only as further encouragement to use the court system as a systematic springboard to enact agendas outside the democratic and legislative structures of government.

“Thirty States have held statewide ballots banning gay marriage since the year 2000, and yet legislating from the bench has superseded both public approval and our elected representatives.

“This is not only a sad day for marriage, but a further judicial destruction of our entire system of checks and balances.”

from PinkNews.co.uk http://ift.tt/2haQk47


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