Watch Just About Every Sketch From the #SNL 40th Anniversary at DanNation

Last night, SNL celebrated 40 years on the air. I loved the show and include most segments below. I did not include Kanye’s and Paul McCartney’s performances because frankly, they weren’t that good.

I had the opportunity to sit in the show’s studio audience twice. I have to say it was a highlight to see the cast and crew running around during commercial breaks preparing for the next sketch. Pulling off a live show like SNL in four days is forgotten as viewers bitch year after year that the show “sucks now.”

Yes – there are mediocre sketches that make it into the show but again, the cast and writers write, rehearse and roll the show out onto live television in four days. A pretty incredible feat!

The anniversary show last night was full of celebrities patting each other on the backs (not to mention having to endure Sarah Palin’s cameo during Audience Q&A), but if you could look past the egos in the studio, there were some comedic gems.

And if you missed the show, here it is via Hulu in almost its entireity.

For added fun, here’s Rolling Stones’ list of every SNL cast member ranked. Sorry, Robert Downey, Jr.

Cold Open

Jimmy and Justin definitely opened the show with a bang (and hotness). Watch for cameos from Debbie Downer and other classic characters.

Hosts Opening Monologue

A great way to celebrate the hundreds of hosts over the years. I did think the entire show had too much Adam Baldwin, though.

New York


One of the long-time flagship strength of SNL, check out cast members playing every president from Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama.

Celebrity Jeopardy

Everyone is in this sketch.


A remake of the original with Dan Akroyd and Lorraine Neumann.


Watch cast members and those not hired (but who still achieved success without SNL) audition for a coveted role on the show.

ESPN Classic

Miley Cyrus: 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

Miley…I wanted to see Patrick but oh well.

The Californians

Love this sketch when it originally ran. Bradley Cooper and Betty White steal the show. Watch…

Weekend Update

It was great to see the three women anchors from over the years join up. Watch for cameos galore here. And, of course, Stefan and Seth Myers show up.

Melissa McCarthy is another scene-stealer here with her amazing Matt Foley.

Marty and Beyonce

Maya playing Beyonce. Yes!

Wayne’s World

In Memoriam

Paul Simon: ‘Still Crazy After All of These Years”

Audience Q & A

Yes, Sarah Palin shows up wearing Bristol’s slutty dress in this clip.

Digital Short: That’s When You Break



So, great night SNL and here’s to the 50th!

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