CNN’s Chris Cuomo Eviscerates Alabama Judge Roy Moore

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Eviscerates Alabama Judge Roy Moore

The bigoted Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore was ripped a new one by Chris Cuomo this week. If you didn’t already know, Moore ordered state probate justices to ignore the ruling of a federal judge to reverse the state’s same-sex marriage ban. Via Bilerico:

Host Chris Cuomo was ready for him. For twenty-five straight minutes he sparred with Moore, swatting down his ridiculously antiquated, distorted, platitudinous talking points one by one. Cuomo accused Moore of placing his private value judgments above the constitutional judgments of the federal courts. When Moore claimed that “our rights do not come from the Constitution, they come from God,” Cuomo wasn’t having it:

“Our laws do not come from God, and you know that. They come from man… Our rights do not come from God. That’s your faith, that’s my faith. But that’s not our country. Our laws come from the collective agreement and compromise.”

Cuomo also called out Judge Moore for his disturbing attempt to force all Alabamians to obey his personal religious views, and blasted Moore for inserting his view of God into government.

“When you take the rules of your religion and you put them on everybody else, that is not what we do in this country. Your definition of marriage is based on your faith, you’ve said it a hundred times, that it is derived from God. That is not how it works here, and you know that.

“Equal protection applies to all by compromise. And you would even need to have a rational basis for why it would need to be only between a man and a woman, and all you can say is, ‘Because God said so. It’s always been that way.’ That’s not enough.”

For all intents and purposes, More got his southern ass kicked. Watch…

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