Lance Bass’ Televised Wedding Is A Huge Step for LGBT Awareness

Lance Bass and his fiance Michael Turchin are tying the knot on E!

In the above sneak peek to “Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding,” the former boy band star admits that he knew he was gay his entire life, but didn't come out for two decades because of his profession.

He admits, “I was afraid to tell anyone mainly because of 'N Sync. You know, if I told one person I knew someone would tell someone else and it would go around and the group would be over. The guys would hate me, and they would leave the group and be like 'We're not going to be in a group with a gay guy.'”

This wedding special will be the first time an American television network shows a celebrity wedding between two men. Cue right-wing outrage, but at the same time, mainstream America will see a same-sex wedding first hand.

Watch the above sneak peek to see Lance talk about a matter very close to his heart. Plus, tune-in to see the happy couple plan their star-studded wedding tonight!

What are your thoughts on the televised nuptuals?

Tune-in to the Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding special tonight at 8/7c only on E!

View the video and read more at E! Online.


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