France: LGBT Activist Beaten, Raped and Imprisoned For Days – Then Escapes

After a horrifying hate crime, the victim was able to escape and is now recovering. His attackers are now behind bars.

Gay Orlando Shooting Survivor “F-Bombs” Pro-Gun Republicans Who Tweeted Prayers for LGBT Victims in Viral Video

Orlando’s LGBT Community Targets NRA and Republicans in New Profanity-filled Online Campaign “Gays Against Guns” Calling for Assault Weapons Ban Armed with a new F-bomb-filled viral video campaign attacking pro-gun Republicans who have blocked assault weapons bans and gun control measures that could have prevented the largest mass shooting in US history, Orlando’s LGBT community... Continue Reading →

FBI Investigating Tweet Threatening ‘Massive Shooting’ at Houston Pride – VIDEO

The FBI is investigating a threat made on Twitter against Houston’s upcoming gay pride parade. On Monday June 13, the day after the Orlando massacre, someone identified only as @crehgdy123 tweeted,”There will be a massive shooting at the pride parade in Houston, Texas.” Houston Police were quick to launch an investigation into the tweet. The... Continue Reading →

Hacker fighting ISIS with porn

Via CNN "Hello World. It's time I share with you a little secret...I'm Gay and Proud!! It's not a tweet you'd expect from a Twitter account belonging to an ISIS member. But the account was hijacked by a hacker who goes by the name WauchulaGhost. The profile name on Twitter, which originally referenced jihad,... Continue Reading →

CBS Evening News Highlights Rise in Anti-LGBT Violence in the U.S. – WATCH

CBS’ Evening News on Tuesday took a look at the uptick in anti-LGBT violence in the U.S. following the Orlando massacre at gay nightclub Pulse. Host Scott Pelley began the segment by pointing out the painful juxtaposition the LGBT community now faces in 2016 — on one hand, LGBT people in the U.S. have never... Continue Reading →

Gay Bashings Still Happen in San Francisco So Let’s Wear Tight, White Pants in Protest

Having lived in the Bay Area since 1990, I still find it difficult to watch stories like this happening in our "bubble." I know that I take my life in San Francisco for granted and never really think about being gay bashed. I also lived in the Marina for a number of years where this... Continue Reading →

Gay Couple Called “Faggots” and Brutally Attacked In New York City

A gay couple stopped for margaritas in New York's Chelsea neighborhood last evening and were brutally beaten in the process. Via The Advocate:Jonathan Snipes, 32, and Ethan York-Adams, 25, told DNAinfo they were attacked Tuesday night at Dallas BBQ in Chelsea, a Manhattan neighborhood that has long been considered a safe haven for LGBT people.Snipes... Continue Reading →

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