Gay Orlando Shooting Survivor “F-Bombs” Pro-Gun Republicans Who Tweeted Prayers for LGBT Victims in Viral Video

Orlando’s LGBT Community Targets NRA and Republicans in New Profanity-filled Online Campaign “Gays Against Guns” Calling for Assault Weapons Ban
Armed with a new F-bomb-filled viral video campaign attacking pro-gun Republicans who have blocked assault weapons bans and gun control measures that could have prevented the largest mass shooting in US history, Orlando’s LGBT community and shooting survivors have come together personally vowing to make an assault weapons ban an issue in swing-state Florida this election cycle. The powerful video features Demetrice Naulings, who narrowly escaped the shooting himself, angrily blowing out a vigil candle and speaking of his terrified best friend Eddie Justice who hid in a bathroom and famously texted his mother that the gunman armed with a legally-purchased Sig Sauer MCX rifle was going to kill him in a chilling moment that became one of the most personal stories reported by the media and made viral on the Internet. The campaign is using the F-word for shock value in an attempt to draw attention to what it sees as a much more shocking issue plaguing our nation.

Quotes from “Gays Against Guns”:

“I lost my best friend in the Orlando shooting. I made it out. He did not. He texted his mom while he was hiding in the bathroom telling her the gunman was coming and that he was going to die. I want to say thank you to all the Republicans politicians who tweeted prayers for the LGBT victims. Wait… f*ck your empty prayers.”

“When it comes to mass shootings and gun violence, we don’t need politician’s fake ass moments of silence. We need votes. Votes to ban f*cking assault weapons.”

“The National Rifle Association, with its controlling campaign cash to Republican politicians, is fighting to continue to allow people on the FBI’s terror watch list, like the Orlando shooter, to legally buy semi-automatic assault weapons right here in the US. What the f*ck?”

Video producer Marcus Kon comments, “Orlando’s LGBT community is using a bad word for a good cause to draw attention to something America has become desensitized to and call for an assault weapons ban to keep these legally available instruments of mass murder off the streets. How could a homophobe filled with hate who was on the FBI’s terror watch list legally buy the Sig Sauer MCX rifle used to slaughter people in a LGBT club?” He added, “These Republican-protected tools of killing and hate that can be legally bought are more offensive than the word f*ck which a shooting survivor who barely escaped with his life is using to draw attention to the issue. America has forgotten Orlando and moved on, but the real and emotional wounds are still fresh in the city’s LGBT community targeted by the killer.”

Portion of the sales of the “Ban F*cking Assault Weapons” apparel featured in the video will benefit the OneOrlando Fund.

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