Wing Nuts Respond to Confederate Flag Debate With Request to Remove Gay Pride Flags

Via Right Wing Watch:On his radio program today, Bryan Fischer once again contributed some of his typically well-reasoned and insightful thoughts on the controversy over the Confederate flag by demanding that if this flag is going to be removed, so too should the rainbow flag, which is the symbol of "the Gay Reich.""If we are... Continue Reading →

Fischer: Gays Should Be Banned From Working For The TSA

AFA spokesperson and hater Bryan Fischer is running out of anti-gay topics as he moves on to preaching that gays need to be banned from working for TSA. He doesn't mention the ones, though, that steal from passengers' luggage: On his radio program today, Bryan Fischer called for gay people to be banned from working... Continue Reading →

Watch: Rachel Maddow On AFA’s “Separation” from Bryan Fischer

On my old blog, it was difficult for a week to go by without referencing the religious extremism of American Family Association's Bryan Fischer. Fischer is one of the most anti-gay and anti-Jewish radio hosts out there, and after AFA funded a trip for top Republicans to travel to Israel, news hit that AFA had... Continue Reading →

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