If You Are an Anti-Gay Gay Politician, Please Stay Off Grindr

Apparently, this anti-gay politician also likes it in his butthole:

A right-wing state representative with the unfortunate name of Randy Boehning has been caught with his pants down – literally.The North Dakota lawmaker recently voted no on a bill that would have added protections for members of the LGBT community in matters of housing and employment. The bill went down, which is probably not a shock to anyone reading this, but the vote did lead to one genuinely surprising revelation: Rep. Randy Boehning, who opposed the bill by day, was posting photos of his manliness to Grindr by night.The Washington Post reports that Mr. Boehning (photo right) was outed after the local news published his photo as one of the “nay” votes. Twenty-one-year-old Dustin Smith, a gay man interested in the issue, happened upon Boehning’s photo, and it began to tickle his memory. He was sure he knew the man. And then it came to him. Boehning had cruised him on Grindr.Dustin began scrolling through his Grindr conversations until he found Randy Boehning – all of Randy Boehning. Not only had they chatted, the lawmaker had sent him some unsolicited Wiener-style pictures with come ons like, “What’s up tonight, sexy?”

These stories never surprise me.

via Republican Voted Against LGBT Protections While Strutting His Stuff On Grindr – The New Civil Rights Movement.

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