Pat Roberston Says Gay People Are Recruited Or Molested Into Homosexuality

Maybe they were raped and molested by Pat Robertson?

Right Wing Watch reports that in his latest effort to carry out God’s work, Pat Robertson has said that gay teenagers have been either “recruited” into homosexuality or molested.Responding to a 700 Club viewer who asked what he should do after finding a “gay magazine” in his son’s bedroom, Robertson helpfully explained that “so-called gay people have been either attacked or molested by some authority figure or else a magazine or something has confused them.”To be fair to Robertson, he suggested that the father actually talk to his son about “who he is and what he is and let him grow up and find out.”Extra points added for explaining that gay pornographic magazines are “filled with naked pictures of naked men doing sex with each other.”

via Pat Roberston: ‘So-Called Gay People’ Are Recruited Into Homosexuality Or Molested – VIDEO| Gay News | Towleroad.

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