Gay Tech Bears Hijack ‘Jeb Bush for President’ Domain

imageOnce upon a time, choice of URLs were much more important than they are now. Do you remember when someone bought the URL and the singer had to pay an exorbirant price to get it for herself? Now, with smartphone apps and better search tools, a notable URL is not as important.

But, when it comes to running a campaign, the URL can make a big difference as it becomes a marketing tool printed on brochures and on the side of the campaign bus.

Well, two gay tech bears in Oregon have hijacked the URL that could make a big difference for one 2016 presidential contender:

If former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) officially enters the 2016 White House race, he probably won’t be able to use the website

The domain is owned by CJ Phillips and Charlie Rainwater (pictured above), a self-described “bear couple” from Oregon who told Business Insider they plan to use the site “as a platform to educate our friends and family about political impact to LGBT families.”

“We’re a couple of high-tech bears who both work in the microprocessor-design industry, yes you could say we’re just a couple of nerds,” the two men explain on their personal homepage.

In an email, Phillips said they purchased in 2008.

“Early tentative plans were to essentially blog about how we felt about various legislation happening nationally and worldwide,” Phillips explained. “For example, at the time Texas legislature was either planning to pass or had already passed a bill that made the legal documents created by any couple in a relationship that mimicked marriage null and void. We didn’t see LGBT equality getting any better, and we felt said rights would more than likely still be in the spotlight in the run up for the next several election cycles. Jeb’s name was already being bandied about in the news as a potential presidential candidate, and we felt sure he’d be running in a future election.”

…or, they could sell it to the campaign for a good return.

Let’s hope the couple use it to continue the fight for LGBT rights.

Via Business Insider

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