The Out Athletes of the Rio Olympics 

The Advocate has done a great job compiling the roster of LGBT athletes who will compete at the Summer Olympics. We are hearing the event (and Rio) is a wreck some but let's take a look at the athletic  members of our community heading to the Games. These games are chock-full of openly LGBT athletes... Continue Reading →

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black Are Too Cute For Words

The sickeningly cute power couple Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley cover OUT's Love Issue:Daley: We spoke every day, non-stop. My phone would buzz, and we’d just be in constant communication, it was kind of insane, like there was nothing else around me. We’d met in March, and it was about eight weeks later that... Continue Reading →

Watch: This Poor Thing Is Distressed that Tom Daley Is Engaged

The new "leave Britney alone?" This Tom Daley fan is not happy about Daley's recently-revealed engagement to Dustin Lance Black: This guy deserves at least a Razzzie for this performance. And here's to the happy couple:

Gallery: Happy 21st Birthday, Tom Daley

Out Olympian Tom Daley turns 21 today - which means he can now get into SF Badlands legally. Let's celebrate this fine twink with a collection of his best images. And given that he is shirtless 99% of the time, note that there is only one photo below where he wears a shirt.Happy Birthday, Tom! Posted... Continue Reading →

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