Pornhub Wants To Film The First-Ever Sex Tape in Space

Didn't this happen in a James Bond film?Pornhub today announced it has officially launched an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund the first ever sex tape in space. The “Sexploration” campaign, which will run through the next 30 days, is looking to raise $3.4M to fund the maiden voyage set for takeoff in late 2016.By taking to... Continue Reading →

Watch: Hunky String Quartet Well Strung Performs ‘Frozen’

 Well Strung is a gay singing string quartet who perform frequently on the East Coast - including gay vacation spot Provincetown, Mass. This makes them very doable.Watch them perform this week at the opening of an arts center in Orlando above.And, here they are with far less clothing...How have I not heard of these guys?Via... Continue Reading →

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