‘There’s Male and Female and Gay’: GOP Lawmaker Calls Gay People a ‘Third Sex’

Anti-Gay Lawmaker Says Acceptance of LGBT People Will Result in Christianity Being 'Practically Doomed' from Home - The New Civil Rights Movement http://ift.tt/1WrWlGu via IFTTT

A Third of Trump Supporters Would Ban Gays from Entering the U.S.—And Other Insane Beliefs

They're also in favor of the WWII internment of Japanese-Americans...still. from Out Magazine http://ift.tt/1Sz8viD via IFTTT

Rachel Maddow: I Felt Bill Clinton Didn’t Have My Back

The MSNBC host compares her experience in 1992 with the youthful enthusiasm greeting Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. from Advocate.com http://ift.tt/1Qa0uKr via IFTTT

Trans woman attacked on NYC subway shares photo of assailant

A trans woman who was attacked on the New York subway in January has released a picture of the person behind the incident. from PinkNews.co.uk http://ift.tt/1ShFbgA via IFTTT

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