‘Daddy’s Boy’ Features Gender and Sexuality in Minority Cultures

DADDY’S BOY is the new film by queer Latino filmmaker Daniel Armando. In the film, Armando explores issues of gender and sexuality in minority cultures that tend to over-emphasize machismo in males. Its an especially relevant topic considering recent events in Orlando. The film will debut next week at San Francisco's Frameline film festival and... Continue Reading →

Watch: The Gay Age Gap

I spend much of my time with younger men and women while, at the same time, making age-revealing jokes about pop culture, politics and myself. When the video below was posted on Facebook yesterday, a friend of mine commented: The gay gap is alive and well. Recently I made a joke about 'Dallas' versus 'Dynasty'... Continue Reading →

Logo TV Marathon: UK’s Original ‘Queer As Folk’ Airs This Week

While I was a fan of the U.S. version of 'Queer As Folk,' the original UK series was much grittier and perhaps more realistic. With this review in mind, As Logo kicks off the premiere of the new series “Cucumber” and “Banana” (April 13), Logo TV will air a marathon of UK version of “Queer as... Continue Reading →

Watch: Michael Urie and Randy Harrison Couple Up in ‘Such Good People’

This looks promising (or stupid)? Gay films are always so hit-or-miss. Breaking Glass Pictures is releasing 'Such Good People' on DVD and VOD on April 14, 2015. The film is a gay screwball comedy starring Michael Urie ("Ugly Betty"), Randy Harrison ("Queer as Folk"), Scott Wolf ("Party of Five"), Ana Ortiz ("Ugly Betty," "Devious Maids")... Continue Reading →

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