THIS IS AN ADD FOR SOMETHING — seanbutnotseen Apple Gate, maker of The Cleaner Weiner, interviews Mooscles. Notice the needle in his arm. via THIS IS AN ADD FOR SOMETHING — seanbutnotseen

“Go-Go Boy Interrupted” Returns, And This Dancer Is Out To Conquer The Gay World

Danny is back and more awkward than ever! Season two of Jimmy Fowlie‘s Go-Go Boy Interrupted is finally here — well, the first two episodes — and if you didn’t think much of West Hollywood before, just wait until you see it through the eyes of a struggling, aging go-go boy. In Danny’s L.A., the dollars... Continue Reading →

#NSFW:UK Reality Show “10,000 BC” Has Great Casting

Apparently, there is a reality show in the UK called "10,000 BC" that features a number of hot hunks wearing nothing more than a piece of fabric (if that). The premise of the show seems similar to that of 'Survivor' except the players are sent back to the Stone Age to fend for themselves in two... Continue Reading →

#37 Gay Song: I Fucked Your Dad Ft Pandora Boxx (NSFW) @GayMusicChart

#37 Gay Song: I Fucked Your Dad Ft Pandora Boxx (NSFW) @GayMusicChart Source: #37 Gay Song: I Fucked Your Dad Ft Pandora Boxx (NSFW) @GayMusicChart

Listen to Freddie Mercury’s Amazing Isolated Vocal Track for ‘We Are The Champions’

We love Queen and Freddie Mercury, so the creator of this video synced 4 concert films including a rare recording session of "We Are The Champions" and synced them all up to the isolated vocals in honor of the late, great, Freddie Mercury. This video showcases his presence and consistency as the ultimate stage man.... Continue Reading →

Watch: Homostoner Model Couple Jarlos’ Relationship Goals

Instagram celebrity and male model couple Jarlos share their relationship goals in this sexy video. Be sure to follow them here. You can also read more about their relationship here. This is about how every single day we can't escape comments that say "goals" or "relationship goals" and how it made our relationship tense for... Continue Reading →

Watch: 11 Secrets Behind The Filming of ‘Back to the Future’

Tomorrow (October 21, 2015) would be the day Marty McFly arrives in the future. So, here are little known facts about the film to review before you meet Marty. Posted with Blogsy

Watch: The Boys From Well Strung Are Coming Out With an Album

Here's an all-male and gay singing group whose popularity is growing like crazy. Last week, Well-Strung released its second studio album, titled POPssical. The pop/classical fusion group's LP features 10 tracks, including memorable renditions of “Blank Space (Feat. Bach)” and “Royals (Feat. Palladio)” as well as the infamous ode to Hillary Clinton, “Chelsea’s Mom” as... Continue Reading →

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