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Believe it or not, Alabama’s same-sex marriage ban may be history. Via Huffington Post:

A federal judge ruled Friday that Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

The judge, U.S. District Judge Callie V.S. Granade, ruled that Alabama’s constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, known as the Sanctity of Marriage Amendment, violates the 14th Amendment’s due process and equal protection clauses.

“If anything, Alabama’s prohibition of same-sex marriage detracts from its goal of promoting optimal environments for children,” Granade writes. “Those children currently being raised by same-sex parents in Alabama are just as worthy of protection and recognition by the State as are the children being raised by opposite-sex parents. Yet Alabama’s Sanctity laws harms the children of same-sex couples for the same reasons that the Supreme Court found that the Defense of Marriage Act harmed the children of same-sex couples.”

SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas Hobnobs With Anti-Gay Activists

SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas Hobnobs With Anti-Gay Activists And Must Recuse Himself From Marriage Case

While wing nuts claim that Justices Ruth Bader Ginsbert and Sonia Sotomayor should recuse themselves from the upcoming SCOTUS marriage equality cases, Justice Clarence Thomas hangs out with two rabid anti-equality leaders. Isn’t this the definition of an activist judge?

Chicken Soup for the Queer Soul – From VERY Gay San Francisco


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