Michele Bachmann Can’t Wait for Trump to Reverse Obama’s ‘Evil’ Gay Rights Agenda: LISTEN

Former Rep. Michelle Bachmann sat down with Family Research Council hate group leader Tony Perkins to talk about how excited she is that Donald Trump will soon remove President Obama’s “evil” gay rights agenda, Right Wing Watch reports. After Perkins asserted that “our government has been perverted to be used to advance an ungodly agenda,” Bachmann unloaded.... Continue Reading →

Michele Bachmann Believes God Could Destroy The Nation Because Gays

Crazy Eyes is back. I hope she and Ladybird have worked on their gay marriage since Bachmann left office. The former Minnesota rep, who once dismissed the fight for marriage equality as "boring," blasted President Barack Obama's "dangerous policies," including those pertaining to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, in an “Understanding the Times... Continue Reading →

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