Wicked Gay Blog: We Know at Least a Few of You are Curious About the New Justin Bieber Nudes That Came Out Today

You guys had a mixed reaction to these photos of Bieber that came out last week, but now a couple more have emerged and you not only get to see his naked backside and a really nice cock shot! (In our humble opinion.) Click here to see the new photos! (NSFW-DUH!) from WickedGayBlog.com http://ift.tt/2aWQfgI via IFTTT

Yes, Virginia, Justin Bieber Has A Huge Cock #NSFW

Contrary to wingnut prophecy, the world did not end today. But, the world did see Justin Bieber's junk. There's nothing more to say than the word impressive. Posted with Blogsy

Today’s Chicken Soup Digest: Shirtless Celebrity Edition

In case you missed it, there are tons of half-naked, sunburned, stretched and skinny celebrities prancing around social media this week. I am at 30,000 feet above Utah on my way to Boston so I couldn't think of a better way to spend my time. Share your own finds in comments! Justin Bieber strips down... Continue Reading →

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