Jake Shears In Drag and the Hunks of ‘Bent’

 'Bent' is a play about gays held in concentration camps in WW2. If you've heard the term 'pink triangle,' it derives from the pink triangles gay Nazi prisoners had to wear. The play was written in 1979 and Richard Gere was in the original cast. You might have seen the film adaptation that starred Colin... Continue Reading →

Hunky Jake Shears Stars In Revival of ‘Bent’

Scissor Sisters' out front man Jake Shears will appear in an upcoming revival of 'Bent' in Los Angeles: The Scissor Sisters frontman will join the production in Los Angeles, which starts next month. Shears joins Hugo Armstrong, Ray Baker and Matthew Carlson in the revival of the 1979 drama. The story, by Martin Sherman, follows... Continue Reading →

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