TX Lawmaker Wants To Force Schools To Out LGBT Students To Parents

Teachers Would Face Discipline For Failing To Disclose Info About Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Texas tea party state Sen. Konni Burton (pictured with Sen. Ted Cruz) has filed legislation that would effectively require public school employees to out LGBT students to their parents. Under Burton's Senate Bill 242, teachers and other school employees who fail to... Continue Reading →

GOP adopts “cure gays” platform plank

The Republican party today adopted a platform plank in support of anti-gay “conversion therapy,” TIME magazine’s Zeke Miller reported today. Conversion therapy is based on the debunked theory that you can “pray away the gay.” (Hint: You can’t.) The Republicans’ embrace of a “gay cure” in the party platform comes on the heels of language inserted... Continue Reading →

QUEENS: Outrage After Police Arrest Gay Man For Being “Momentarily” Nude On Popular Beach [VIDEO]

http://youtu.be/CowElRiRxyQ Mic reports: LGBTQ New Yorkers celebrating July 4 at Jacob Riis Beach — long a safe haven for the city’s LGBTQ community — witnessed U.S. Park Police carry a naked gay man by his towel as he screamed “Help me!” on Monday evening. In a video obtained by Mic, a group of police officers... Continue Reading →

‘Your Lies Are Causing Violence’: Activists Directly Confront Tony Perkins at Trump Evangelical Meeting

GetEQUAL Leaders Tells Hate Group Head He's Responsible for Anti-LGBTQ Violence, Demand a Response from The New Civil Rights Movement http://ift.tt/28M8TrO via IFTTT

American Apparel Launches ‘Make America Gay Again’ LGBT Equality Campaign: VIDEO

American Apparel has joined forces with Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and The Ally Coalition to launch “Make America Gay Again” in support of LGBT equality. Available now, American Apparel’s new line will feature phrases including “Make America Gay Again” and “Make America LGBTQ Again.” I love this! #makeamericagayagain #cupcakeroyale http://pic.twitter.com/1VKf3OwlSP — Señora Denise (@allrachel) June 7, 2016... Continue Reading →

Franklin Graham: Gays And Lesbians Leading A Wicked, Evil Agenda Taking America Down

In a podcast posted yesterday, Fox News’ Todd Starnes spoke with Franklin Graham about the upcoming election and the fight over North Carolina’s recently enacted anti-LGBT law, with Graham lamenting that “President Obama sold himself completely to the gay and lesbian community.” Graham told Starnes that Obama is pushing “dangerous” nondiscrimination measures that will allow... Continue Reading →

NORTH CAROLINA: Wells Fargo Lights Its Charlotte Tower In Support Of Transgender Day Of Visibility

Yesterday was the International Day of Transgender Visibility and in support Wells Fargo lit its 48-story Duke Energy Center tower in Charlotte in pink, white, and blue, which are the colors of the transgender pride flag. Also yesterday Wells Fargo joined the 80+ major corporations who have called for the repeal of North Carolina’s hate... Continue Reading →

Snickering Bystanders Do Nothing To Stop Violent Antigay Hate Crime Caught On Tape

All he wanted was a burger. What he got instead was a knuckle sandwich. 25-year-old Jordan Schaeffer was visiting Miami Beach from Los Angeles earlier this month when he was attacked after kissing his boyfriend, Eric Danko, while waiting in line at a Burger King Whopper Bar. Related: Hate Crime Victim Claims Police Intentionally Left Gay Slurs Out Of Official... Continue Reading →

Mississippi Senate Passes Most Bigoted Anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” Law In The Country

  On Wednesday the Mississippi Senate voted 31-17 to pass House Bill 1523, which protects people, businesses, and religious organizations that refuse to service LGBT people if doing so violates their “sincerely held” religious... from Back2Stonewall http://ift.tt/1VWaVbq via IFTTT

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