SNL: Kate McKinnon Cold Opens as Hillary In A Beautiful Way

The enormously talented Kate McKinnon has a great voice. She opened SNL tonight as Hillary Clinton and sang Leonard Cohen's 'Halleluja:'

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Reaches Threshold to Clinch Democratic Nomination: Reports

Done deal. Let's unify and kick this Trump asshole's ass. Associated Press, NBC News Report Hillary Clinton Will Be the Democratic Nominee   Change the conversation, change the world Share this The Associated Press at 8:20 PM EDT Monday reports that Hillary Clinton has gained the required number of delegates to become the Democratic nominee... Continue Reading →

Would You Bottom For Hillary?

I miss going to Dolores Park on Sundays, but some gay known as Ryan has started a "bottoming for Hillary" campaign. Via SFist: A San Francisco man named Ryan, who's only going by his first name for press purposes at the moment, has just launched a small site in support of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential... Continue Reading →

Surprise! Hillary Clinton is Running for President #Ready

Hillary Clinton's running for president because everyday Americans need a champion—and she wants to be that champion. Watch her announcement video to kick off the campaign. You will even note a gay couple in her announcement video below: And, SNL's Kate McKinnon nailed the announcement in the show's cold open last night:

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