Watch (and Support) “Dragstrip 66: The Frockumentary!” DRAGSTRIP 66 opened its doors in Los Angeles in January 1993 (just as Bill Clinton was sworn in), and soon became the communal home to creative revelers who needed to celebrate life together again after 12 long years of right-wing politics and the shadow of the HIV/AIDS crisis. For two decades, it was the... Continue Reading →

San Francisco: Yes, There Will Be A Drag Version of ‘The Facts of Life’

The Oasis (11th and Folsom) will present the drag version of 'The Facts of Life' in several weeks. I can't get over how much my friend Tamale Ringwald looks like Natalie. Via SFist: Because SF's drag queens have not yet run out of old TV shows to reenact, in drag, D'Arcy Drollinger and a cast... Continue Reading →

Watch: RuPaul Responds to Mary Cheney’s Comparison of Drag to Blackface

After seeing a promo for RuPaul's Drag Race (Premiering March 2 on Logo TV) Mary Cheney (daughter of evil Dick) likened drag to black face. Ooo, Mary. We see this as a teachable moment. Time for a Drag Herstory lesson as RuPaul responds to Mary Cheney's comparison. Watch...

San Francisco Drag Personality Cookie Dough In A Coma And Needs Our Help

San Francisco drag personality Cookie Dough has taken ill while peforming in Puerto Vallarta and remains in a coma. Via SFist: Local drag queen and party hostess Cookie Dough has fallen into a coma while staying in Puerto Vallarta this week, and her prognosis is unclear. Cookie was in Mexico along with the cast of the... Continue Reading →

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